Gym and Fitness Center Spin Masters is located in a pleasant, bright and air-conditioned space. We are at the heart of the municipality of Vracar, right across Kalenic green market.

Cardio Section

Spin Masters Gym and Fitness Center Belgrade , Maksima Gorkog 5, Vracar, Belgrade, Serbia.

Spin Masters kardio traka

Walking and running on the Treadmill

Advantages: Burning fat cells and accelerating metabolism with effects that last up to 24 hours after your workout. Muscle fibres in the legs are being engaged which helps in their definition, and besides it is a great exercise for the upper part of the body, as hands are also involved. All this provides additional calorie burning.

Spin Masters easy glider

Training on the Easy Glider

Cross-country skiing simulator is a device that allows you to quickly tighten your leg muscles and buttocks, while simultaneously strengthening the back and abdominal muscles.

Spin Masters bicikla

Driving on Spinning bike

Advantages: It burns up to 600 calories per hour, there is no damage of joints, it improves physical fitness and athletic performance and helps define muscle fibres in the quadriceps.

Spin Masters bicikla

Driving on Regular bike

The benefit and the amount of calories burned by riding a bicycle is very well known, and is directly dependent on the timing, intensity and frequency of exercise. When you keep in mind your body weight, you should know that if you are heavier, the more power you need to practice in order to be more mobile. Thus, the body that weighs 60 kilograms burns about 360 calories per hour during the bike ride, and the total number of calories goes up to 600, if it is a body weighing about 100 kilograms

Spin Masters steper

Training on the Stepper machine

Stepper exercising based on the principle of "infinite climbing stairs" helps one’s better appearance and spending good many calories. Exercise activates your leg muscles, especially the thighs and buttocks muscles, speeds up metabolism and burns calories. Work on the Stepper has beneficial effect on the heart and lungs.